This somewhat unwieldy hashtag, trending on Twitter for several hours, has been organised by supporters of a group of three scholars imprisoned in Turkey after supporting a peace campaign.

Erdogan's Fear: A depiction of one of the confined academicians
Erdogan’s Fear: A depiction of one of the confined academicians

The social media campaign is a direct successor to #HocamaDokunma – don’t touch my teacher – which saw university students come together to defend their professors who they believe to have been unfairly targeted by the country’s increasingly authoritarian president Erdogan.


Hashtag Explained: #HocamaDokunma

Turkey’s government has continued to silence political opposition and minorities since it retained power in 2015’s controversial elections.

#Freedom4Academics4Peace: Can you guess what it means? Look here for the answer
Freedom4: “Freedom for” 
Academics4Peace: “Academics for Peace”

Marked With a Cross: The Academics Who Asked for Peace

The country’s security situation has seen rapid decline as ruling party AKP has taken to imprisoning various groups, also including journalists, lawyers, fiercely punishing those who challenge the regime and it’s policies in the country’s embattled southeast regions.